Trump Questions and Counters

One of the things that drives me nuts is that the media will miss the questions that need to be asked. Or they'll phrase a question that allows an open-ended question.

Don't get me wrong, this fucking guy, President Sharpie, is spewing explosive diarrhea out of his little sphincter mouth at such a high rate of speed that it's hard to figure out wtf to react to, hone in on. For me, sometimes it will take me a couple days to notice the correct question or counter statement. I've got a bit of a first-draft on how I missed the obvious question about his first here .

In that post , I mention that as soon as I saw that second map, my first instinct was immediate suspicion, I mean, this guy just tried to sell us on a map he doctored with a fucking sharpie. A SHARPIE!. What are the chances this second map isn't doctored? And if you read that post , you'll know it seems to me quite obvious the map was photoshopped. And that somehow, no one in the media is picking up on it, fact-checking it.

So I'm thinking, there's a few things that could be done that might improve the odds his cult followers will see him as the cockalorum milksop yet dangerous con-man he is.

Two have to do with the media: how they go about asking him or his representatives questions when given the chance, and how they decide what will drive their choices for what they're gonna cover. Another is how other presidential candidates (including the republican ones*) are reacting to his inanity. The last one is for when the time the debates come between him and his democratic opponent, though I have a funny feeling Cadet Bonespurs may chicken out of said debates.

The media asking questions

The journalists in the press pool should get together and come up with a plan of attack, and act in unison to execute. Off-the-cuff thoughts:

  • Pick a single topic to question him about.
  • Determine what questions to ask, then determine what question to ask them in. Then, no matter who gets called on, ask the question that's next up. I'd say don't be afraid to interrupt him when he goes down one of his meandering "What about the Clinton emails" sidetracks with, "That has nothing to do with the question," but dunno, that little ego is so fucking fragile that he drew on a map with a sharpie!!
  • If he doesn't answer the question asked, the next journalist up should start her question with "You didn't answer the question." And yes, the journalists should come up with various ways to as, each question.
  • Get like, good lawyers involved in crafting the questions, and basically act like he's on the stand and it's your job to destroy his credibility. I mean, c'mon, we all know the journalists are dealing with an LSOS who's, I'll dare say, guilty of a lot, a lot of shit.

The rest

This is a bit tough, but my thinking is to sorta(?), exactly(?) copy the republican propaganda machine, except we'll stick to reality, to the fucking truth. I'm sure many/most have you have seen those collages where they'll put together like, every Sinclair Broadcasting outlet, every "entertainer" (that's what the likes of Hannity is actually classified as) on Faux News, every republican commentator on every network, will all spew out the exact same phrase on a given subject.

You've heard their talking points, hell, Sinclair send out entire "news" stories that they force all their local news anchors to read.

So my thinking is setting up our own talking points network, I mean, a network for those who prefer the truth over lies and obfuscation.

And there could be a multitude of benefits here. For example, with a good network of people, along with a good system to bubble up the most pertinent/pointed questions and counters to his nonsensical bullshit, journalists could check in real time for what to ask and say to his answers.

I've got some other ideas; I'm going to work on something to flesh out a bit what I have in mind. If you're interested, join my email list (at the bottom of this and any page on my site). If you have any ideas hit my contact page, and don't forget to include your email address so that once I've got something rudimentary together, I can send you a link and you can check it out, help me improve it.

We should all encourage the shit out of the republican candidates to run as independants.