Trump Hates America

A hypothesis

"America first" was one of his campaign platforms. There's a segment of our population who says the opposite of what they mean, as Huey P. "Kingfish" Long said, "If facism comes to America, it will be called anti-fascism." (Or, as it's being played out today, "populism."

I know I should be citing matters, providing evidence to back up this hypothesis, maybe someday I'll take the time.

But if you know enough about Trump, it almost becomes self-evident. He's a vindictive little bitch* with paper-thin skin, an ego as fragile as an egg shell who is trying to make up for his small mushroom penis with a big bank account. Any slight, he is compulsed to retaliate. I mean, trying to get the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey? Sure, political enemies, but if they were praising him, don't think his inner vindictive little bitch would have reared her ugly head.

As far as America, think about it. The establishment has rebuffed him at every turn.

The NFL shunned him.

The New York City establishment, particularly their real-estate industry, considers him a huckster, a three-card Monte dealer; in other words, a joke.

American banks wouldn't lend him money (thanks to him leaving them on the hook for 3 billion dollars via multiple bankruptcies).

During the primaries other candidates and the majority of the public in general considered his candidacy a joke. Comedians mocked his candidacy.

During his presidency, comedians have mercilessly mocked his buffoon ass.

During his presidency, virtually all of media (save Fox News' sycophantic propaganda) point out the truth: that he is a toilet-paper-stuck-to-his-shoe small-minded halfwit who can't even operate an umbrella.

I'd go so far as to say his hatred has extended to all democracies: he is shunned at get-togethers such as the G-20.

This guy, he's like that kid in school who is shunned by his class mates, starts having dark thoughts. I do trust the greater majority of our establishment in making sure this clown doesn't go too far, if for nothing else, self-interest in maintaining orderly markets, global stability. America is the greatest nation to ever exist.

Don't get me wrong, greed plays a big part in his traitorous actions, but I'm thinking his hatred for all those in our establishment who have shunned him plays a role as well. Anti-facism === facism, ergo america first === fuck america.

* Don't think I use the word "bitch" derogatorily regarding women, only men. If I did/do, might be with respect, if not, well, that's gotta be one out of control woman. If women think it's a mysogenistic word, I'm hereby rebranding the word to mean:
bitch /biCH/ noun: a man with phallic issues. See: trump