Trump and His Sharpie

By now I'll assume you know this stunningly ridiculous story about Trump getting the hurricane forecast wrong and the drawing with a fucking sharpie on an NHC map, then holding it up on TV for the entire fucking world to see. My question about that aspect of this is, is that move the result of the gigantic set of balls by the confidence man he is, or is it the result of, "are you that fucking stupid you thought anyone on this planet would by that sharpie shit?"

There's two parts of this that I think the media's been missing. The first is coupling the tweet itself with the sharpie'd map.

Can't have it both ways

Granted, that sharpie line is pretty distracting, but if that's what he's showing as "proof", then the obvious question is, "Ok, but if that's what you were going on, why did you mention North/South Carolina?"

I mean, I know this guy's worse than a spin doctor from hell, he would have come up with some response even more baffling than that fucking sharpie. This was the NHC's projected path at the time of his tweet:

There's no fucking map where all three states, Alabama, North/South Carolina are in the cone of uncertainty.

It's an either/or proposition, he can't have it both ways. He can't have it both ways. Imagine someone has vowed to kill you, just one guy, not sure of his name, but we know it's either, say, "Alabama" OR "Carolina". 4 days later, you issue a statement: "Alabama AND Carolina are trying to kill me."

And really, who the fuck would speak to outdated and invalid information? 4 days is an eternity during the early period of projecting a hurricane's path. Hell, here's the projected path on Aug 26:

Why didn't he mention Puerto Rico too?

His second doctored map

What, within a day he produces more "proof". My first instinct was immediate suspicion, I mean, this guy just tried to sell us on a map he doctored with a fucking sharpie. A SHARPIE!. What are the chances this second map isn't doctored? And no one in the media tried to fact check his second "proof". Then I came across this tweet:

I broke those pics out to be able to see them a little better.

The real:
The fake:

If you look at the legend, you'll see there's 20 items.

And if you zoom in a bit, I mean, can you count how many lines are there?

The funny bit about this ridiculous second "proof" is that whoever the clown is who photo-shopped it used the same grey for all the additional lines. Granted, it's not quite as bad as using a sharpie, and no way it could have been Trump, had he tried to doctor the map, he woulda drawn on the screen with a sharpie. I'll guess maybe? Maybe Trump Jr. is tech-savvy enough to open photoshop?

If you're interested in what those lines mean and where each line in the spaghetti model comes from, that's here.

You can see South Florida Water Management District's current spaghetti model's here, which clearly show they don't draw 50,000 lines into the model.

CNN has a timeline (thru about 3pm EDT Sep 6) here.