Koch Brothers and Cattle

To call the Koch Bros. pieces of shit who wouldn't even open a door for an old lady is an understatement. What they're in effect doing is standing outside that door cold-heartedly, greedily, and misguidedly saying, "Open the door, walk into that factory and get to work, otherwise you are a useless piece of shit."

You see, they, their "non-profits", those who have embraced their misguided thinking, the stooges in government who are their puppets are the ones behind pushing the retirement age up to 67.

For those of you who have forgotten your history, when Social Security came into effect life expectancy was 65, meaning in essence the deal the establishment was giving was "work until you are dead." Some of you will die sooner (dammit, lost profits), some of you will live longer, no biggie, no money out of our wallets, those who paid in and died at or before 65 will pay for you to continue living without opening that factory door. In other words, no money came out of your wallets (save the short-term while you held wages stable and let inflation erode true income). Social Security isn't an entitlement, you're just shuffling around some cattle feed, but the overall cost of the feed remained constant.

The retirement age could be 37, not 67. And I know, I know, terrible alarms are going off in your greed-driven wallet-obsessed minds, stop panicking. Moving towards a "labor-less" society will, in the long run, be good for your wallets. We'll get to why in time.

You have a strong tendency to essentially treat people as cattle. Sure, you do some investment in people, but it's about on par with the investment you make in cattle, i.e. gotta spend money on feed, antibiotics, etc.

You need to have a massive shift in your paradigm: People, specifically human minds, are by orders of magnitude the best assets humanity has ever had. If it wasn't for people's minds, you would right now be leaders of packs of hunter-gatherers.

Blue states consistently do better than red states when it comes to scholastic testing. I don't know what's going on in blue states, but in red states, it's the cattle mentality, which is a result of your greed.

Your greed blinds you to anything else. I'll say get your head out of your asses, but more precisely should say get your head out of your wallets. You're like crack-addicts who cannot focus on anything beyond the coca fields and the processing/supply chain, ignoring the cliff ahead. Sure, you'll likely be fine but if you care about your kids and progeny, you should be shifting quickly, decisively.

Of course, part of the problem is how brief your existence is in this universe. When it comes to true long term planning, yours is not much better than that of a leech. Get your heads out of your asses or else, if history continues to be recorded, you will go down as a group of people who will make Hitler look like the worst thing he ever did was break a fly's leg.

I agree, change is scary, unpredictable. Get a "greedy person's" insurance pool going to assuage some of you going down. As far as all of you going down, I wouldn't worry: Your collective greed will always save you, you'll always figure out a train of thought to bring the cattle to market.

Think about it this way: What you're ultimately after isn't money, it's bigger yachts, more mansions right? Those of you who are control-freaks, we'll get back to that inherent drive.

Collectively, you're playing a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos, stepping on each other's dicks all the time. Look, bottom line, there's only so many man hours in a year right? Take the sugar industry as an example. According to the CDC, diabetes costs $9,600 per year, and there are 30.3 million americans with diabetes which totals $290.9 billion a year. That doesn't include, you know, your industrial park, a.k.a China or the rest of the world, just the U.S. alone.

No, that's not a business opportunity. That's a whole bunch of man-hours being wasted, a whole bunch of man-hours not being spent building you bigger yachts, more mansions. That's the sugar industry stepping all over the rest of your dicks. Get your heads out of your asses you dumb fucks.

And the entire economy is rife with such examples. Let's put aside your shortcoming regarding treating people as cattle for a second. Instead of, you know, looking the other way when it comes to the racket of another's of yours, what if you took your collective heads out of your asses and got together and asked yourself one simple question: What is the most efficient way we can house, feed (, and, you know, give them just enough health care that they don't revolt, etc.) these cattle so that all their labor, all the earth's resources can be put to our yacht/mansion building?

Put another way, imagine that you could house, feed, entertain, clothe, spend zero dollars on health on them, provide transport to/from your yacht/mansion building sites at zero cost to you? Providing housing isn't a business opportunity, it's a waste of man hours that could be spent mining gold to encrust your mansions in.

I do want to mention the energy industry as another example of one of you stepping all over the rest of your dicks. One in six deaths is linked to pollution. I don't know how many of those occur after the age of 67, when you don't give a fuck about them anyways, but for those who die under 67, that's lost return on investment, i.e. lost money on housing, feeding, educating the person during their childhood. And that doesn't include a myriad of other costs such as paid sick days, asthma, reduced productivity even when they are in the factories, etc.

The energy industry starts a propaganda campaign that climate change isn't real and the rest of you start your parroting, pathetic. Same with you going along with the energy industry quashing federal funding for research into renewables going back to the '70's. And you all stand behind that half-wit you've got in the Oval Office. SMH

Take a look at this video as a partial example of how you should be thinking.

As far as inheritance, not a big fan of it in the form you've got it. Has some merit, but is woefully short of what it could be. Nepotism is worse than meaningless, it's detrimental: Just look at Fred Trump as an example.

However, that doesn't mean all of your progeny will be jokes. Gonna spitball here with my goal being, how can we get your long-term planning to be, instead of a decade or two, on the order of thousands of years? In other words, how can we align your thinking with what's good for the long-term benefits of humanity. If you don't give a fuck about your kids, not much we can do with you, but reckon most of you do; even the Koch Bros are basically nice guys (basically).

Ok, to spitball, what about an inheritance system where your billions, save enough money to take care of your kids (if they're not idiots who squander it), goes into a global (ok, for starters, a U.S.) fund. There'll be a system of voting where anyone not associated with any of your kids can vote on how much money they should get from your estate. Voting might be once a decade starting at their ages of 20 (presumably you haven't passed yet, no reason they shouldn't start earning it). So at 20, the question would be, how'd they do getting themselves educated, ready to become a contributing member of society. And so on, at 30, 40, etc. Why every decade? America is the land of second chances, plenty of people don't get a great start but turn out ok. Why not wait until they're 50, 60, take the vote then? Because that's lost opportunity: if they're great planners/investors, that's money they could have used to pack more benefit into the stream of life. Again, just spit balling, needs to be examined from all angles, improved, etc. Planting a seed, maybe it takes root, maybe the DNA needs to be edited as/if it grows.

My thinking is... well, it's a bunch of pieces of puzzles with a focus on only one puzzle: The betterment of humanity with a focus on conquering the stars, the galaxy. Some pieces don't belong to that puzzle, I've got some pieces together to give a bigger picture, etc. I could use some help with this puzzle. Stay tuned, I'm sure you're still having palpitations over a retirement age of 37.